Suzanne Emma, the former wife of Nollywood star Emeka Ike, has responded to her ex-husband’s recent assertions that her accusations of domestic abuse against him were untrue and cost him a lot of money.

Emma said in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo that Ike abused her throughout their 17-year marriage. She described an episode in the hospital while their child was severely ill, in which Ike verbally abused her and physically beat her.

“There was a time we went to the hospital; my child was sick. We didn’t have money. And I was trying to negotiate with the hospital to treat the child, and we would pay later. It was taking a little bit of time, and he [Emeka Ike] just came in and started yelling at me, ‘You’re a fool. You don’t know how to do things. What’s all this? You can’t even talk to them. Who are they? They’re beneath you, and you’re allowing them to do this and all that.’

“And I got upset and said, ‘Sir, why are you being a jerk?’ And I went off into the car to sit down. Immediately he [Emeka Ike] was coming into the car; his punch was the first thing that I was seeing on my jaw.”

According to report, Emeka Ike and his wife’s marriage was annulled in 2017 by a Lagos Island Customary Court owing to repeated violence. Emma filed a divorce petition with the court on July 13, 2015, seeking to end her 14-year marriage to the Nollywood actor.